TTRP 01- take the ride podcast 01

thr 01- take the ride podcast 01take the ride banner3

Oh man, the first one is out of the way.

Sounds horrible and there is a 20 sec in the beginning when nothing happens…very amateur, raw sounds like *&^%( and well…real.

I know the ‘third person’, the subjects, the accent…I know You have to get use to this. We’ll try to make it sounds better and have guests on the podcast regularly.


One response to “TTRP 01- take the ride podcast 01

  1. Ok, so just found out, I can only put up 2 hours of free media with the basic profile on soundcloud, so I will have to figure out what’s next. Until the episodes: 02, 03 are available for download (free of course).
    The very first one is pretty weak anyways, and that is not available at the moment, but the new ones are! hah! Basically we did our testing, and sounds quality in that episode. We explained the sad past we had and who we are, where we came from and a bit about the podcast. But I promise, will find he way to release them all…I will have to do some research. best bet is probably iTunes, will see if I have what it takes:)

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